Seapower Platform

4c Engineering lead the development of a novel wave energy convertor

Torquer HALO

4c characterise the key drivers of Torquer Ltd’s innovative new load orientation device, and produce a working demonstrator model.

Orrin Equestrian

4c Engineering work with Orrin Equestrian on developing the design of an innovative saddle that will reduce the loading on a horse’s back.

Waveswing America

4c deliver the design and build of scale tank test models for Waveswing America’s 3rd prize-winning entry to the US Dept. of Energy’s prestigious
Wave Energy Prize.

Numnuts Injector Mechanism

4c develop a novel two-stage injector mechanism, using 3D printing to rapidly iterate through the design process.

Wave Energy Tech Demonstrator

4c engineers took this large scale technology demonstrator and test rig from concept through to reality; an essential step in understanding the challenges and complexities of the marine renewables field.


4c Engineering Consultancy


4c Engineering is an engineering and technology development company that thrives on delivering solutions to the most challenging of problems. Based in Inverness, Scotland and partnered with the award-winning 4c Design, our staff and associates bring together significant experience in mechanical engineering, mechatronics, marine energy technology, prototyping and industrial design.

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