Who we are

4c Engineering are a close-knit, supportive team of creative engineers who love getting stuck into challenging technical problems and coming up with high quality solutions.

We maintain a focus on projects and ideas with genuine, useful benefits, whether that’s in sustainability, environment, healthcare, efficiency, or a more user-friendly design.

We are also committed to raising up the next generation of talented engineers, and have very much enjoyed accommodating summer students over the last few years.

Our background

Founding Directors Andy Hall and Jo Wilson both honed their engineering skills across a range of challenging fields in renewables technology development, and, following the downsizing of the marine energy developer they were previously working for, decided that keeping a great team together was preferable to going their separate ways.

Built on the foundation of several successful collaborative projects, the partnership with 4c Design in Glasgow provided an obvious complementary fit of creative design with rigorous engineering and analysis. Our team in Inverness has now grown to five.

“So are you just wave energy, then?”

In a word: No!

Working in small teams delivering complex R&D programmes in a challenging new field demands flexibility, and the ability to apply ourselves to just about any aspect of engineering as required: from product design and CAD draughting to design and execution of experimental test programmes, through to advanced simulation and analysis. This has given us a fantastic grounding in the physics and engineering fundamentals required to deconstruct and tackle any engineering problem, and with the range of projects we’ve been involved over the last few years, we have proven our ability to immerse ourselves in any technical problem, regardless of sector.

Meet the team

ANDY HALLManaging Director
MEng CEng MIMechE

From a degree in Aeronautical Engineering, Andy started working in the marine renewables industry with turbine design. He has built up strong research & development skills, progressing designs from selection of concept to manufacture before testing and validation at remote test sites.

He has a broad range of skills including stress analysis, 2D & 3D CAD, Finite Element Analysis, project management, creation of procedural documentation and planning & supervision of site works.

In his spare time Andy enjoys getting outdoors: heading up hills or trail running, which he offsets by being 4cE’s main challenger in the shared office’s competitive baking.

JO WILSONChief Engineer
MEng CEng MIMechE

Jo has spent over 15 years in a variety of renewables and R&D industries, during which he has developed strong abilities to understand multi-disciplinary systems, and to identify, analyse and solve complex problems. Jo is adept at CAD modelling and rapid prototyping techniques, and proficient at complex calculation, simulation and data analysis.

When he is not working, Jo writes and plays his own music, builds guitar pedals, reads sci-fi, and periodically brings out the old Lego to entertain his children.

MEng CEng MIMechE

Peter combines his engineering expertise with over 15 years of project management experience, including coordinating, tendering, design, supply, manufacture, testing & commissioning aspects of high value engineering projects.

His Project Manager role requires him to keep the larger picture in perspective and ensure that each part of the team is focused on delivering to the project requirements.

Peter enjoys DIY (ambition exceeding ability sometimes…) and cooking (see DIY).

ALESSIO RENNADevelopment Engineer
MEng CEng MIMechE

Alessio did his Master’s degree in Energy Engineering at University of Pisa, in Italy. He completed his thesis in Glasgow, leading a project to develop a protection system for small wind turbines. From this, he has worked on a variety of engineering projects, developing his skills in 3D CAD modelling and 2D drafting, stress analysis, numerical modelling and model prototyping.

When he is not working, Alessio enjoys intergalactic travels, cycling, DIY and spending time with friends.

SCOTT MACDONALDApprentice Design Engineer
BEng (in progress)

Scott is working towards his Engineering Design & Manufacture honours degree at Robert Gordon University, and brings several years’ worth of experience in calculation, CAD and engineering survey work.

He gets involved in all sorts of calculation and drawing work, as well as practical prototyping and model-building.

Scott has been involved in a number of projects since joining 4c which have expanded his experience in engineering design across a broad range of industries.

In his spare time, he likes to play football, hang out with mates, and listen to music.


We also have a wide network of other professionals, not least the team at our sister company 4c Design, whom we can bring in to provide additional resource or specific targeted expertise for your project.

Work with us

We are not actively recruiting for any positions at the moment, but we are always interested in making connections with other talented engineers, so please feel free to follow our Twitter and Linkedin profiles for future updates on arising vacancies.