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AWS Ocean Energy work in the renewable marine energy sector and have developed an innovative floating wave energy convertor. Their ambition is to develop reliable, affordable and operable offshore power stations. 4c engineers have contributed at every stage of the device development.

Diaphragm Development

One of the main components of the AWS-III wave energy convertor is the diaphragm, which forms the air-water interface, transferring hydrodynamic wave energy into pneumatic energy.  The particular function and application of the AWS-III diaphragm is not similar to any other known device. It was therefore necessary to develop a new product, and develop in-house technology and understanding of what was a key unproven technology within the AWS-III wave energy converter.

The diaphragm development programme incorporated various aspects, including developing methods for generating the optimum geometrical forms, material testing of coated woven fabrics, and methods for modelling complex surfaces in CAD software.  (See boxes for more details.)