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AWS Ocean Energy work in the renewable marine energy sector and have developed an innovative floating wave energy convertor. Their ambition is to develop reliable, affordable and operable offshore power stations. 4c engineers have contributed at every stage of the device development.


AWS – Technology Demonstrator

The Business Need

As part of the development programme for the AWS-III wave energy convertor, it was determined that a large scale technology demonstrator and test rig of the absorber subsystem was required, to be deployed in a marine environment.

The Project

The technology demonstrator consists of a floating concrete caisson, upon which the absorber subsystem, process air pipework and PTO container are mounted.  Our engineers were involved at every stage of design, construction, assembly and operation.

Our Activities and Deliverables

Our engineers delivered the design of the complete test rig, including the following elements:

  • Determination of subsystem requirements
  • Concept generation and selection
  • Detailed design of saddle structure (see box)
  • Detailed design of process air system (see box)
  • Preparation of CAD models and drawings for fabrication
  • Design and commissioning of control instrumentation and remote data logging systems
  • Supplier selection and engagement throughout design process to ensure a final product fit for manufacture and purpose
  • Project management of installation, commissioning & testing phases of work, including logistics and lifting plans for test rig assembly

The Benefits

Installed and operational at its site in Scapa Flow, the test rig provides a platform for the following activities necessary for the AWS-III development programme:

  • Long-term durability testing of diaphragm material
  • Confirmation of feasibility of AWS-III concept at large scale
  • Measurement of diaphragm position and motions to inform FEA load studies and diaphragm geometry development activities
  • Monitoring of process parameters for system optimisation and to inform numerical models of system