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Waveswing America seeks to demonstrate the benefits of sub-sea pressure-differential point absorber wave power generators for the production of utility scale power from offshore ocean sites. The team is building on significant past research work to deliver a device with unrivalled economics, power density and efficiency.

Wave Energy Prize & The Waveswing

Waveswing America – Wave Energy Prize

Update:  Congratulations to Waveswing America on winning 3rd place in the Wave Energy Prize competition!

The Business Need

Waveswing America entered AWS Ocean Energy‘s Waveswing technology into the US Department of Energy’s prestigious Wave Energy Prize, making it onto the shortlist of 20 competing teams, out of an initial list of 92 entrants.  This challenging competition included multiple rounds of design, testing and assessment at different scales, and offered the opportunity to test at the US Navy’s MASK Basin at Carderock, along with the chance to win a substantial cash prize to aid further development.

The Project

At two stages in the Wave Energy Prize programme, scale models of the wave energy convertor (WEC) were required for testing in a wave tank facility:

  • Round 1:  a 1:50 scale model for testing at the University of Iowa;
  • Round 2:  a 1:20 scale model for testing at the MASK Basin.

Working alongside AWS Ocean Energy, 4c Engineering successfully took the 1:50 scale model from concept sketch through to an engineered design ready for testing.  On the basis of the 1:50 scale model’s strong performance in the Round 1 tank testing, Waveswing America made it through to Round 2, on an exclusive shortlist of 9 finalist teams.


For Round 2, building on our knowledge of the design of the first model and incorporating the experience gleaned in the first round of testing, 4c again successfully delivered the 1:20 scale model.  4c Engineering and 4c Design worked together as a seamless team throughout the design and build of the 1:20 model, benefitting from each other’s expertise on different aspects to achieve the end result.  We worked closely with AWS Ocean Energy throughout both parts of the project, responding quickly to updates and changes required as the design progressed.


  • 1:50 scale model taken from concept through to engineered model, and delivered on time for Round 1 testing at University of Iowa;
  • Successful testing at 1:50 scale gets Waveswing America through to Round 2 of the Wave Energy Prize;
  • 1:20 scale model engineering led by 4c Engineering,
  • Sourcing and manufacture of parts, and assembly of model led by 4c Design;
  • Round 2 testing of 1:20 scale model carried out by Waveswing America at US Navy’s MASK basin;
  • Waveswing America win 3rd place at the Wave Energy Prize awards, along with a $250,000 cash prize.


Waveswing Round 1 Tank Testing

video courtesy of Waveswing America

Round 2 Model Development