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For more info on how to make the Corran visor, with Drawings and Assembly Guide, go to

Bumping up the volume

We are delighted to announce that we’ve now managed to produce and deliver over 7,800 Corran visors to our local hospital ICU and other recipients such as care homes, dentists, pharmacies and the Red Cross.

This step-up in production volume has been made possible with the help of a fantastic team from LifeScan in Inverness – we have been delighted with the way they have joined us on the challenge, providing assembly space, their own design input, and a tireless volunteer team to help us churn out the visors.

Particular thanks is also due to Porex Technologies Ltd in Alness, who have been cutting out our screen components, using the tail ends of rolls of clear sheet material leftover from LifeScan’s production runs.

Updated version

We made a conscious effort to keep the original open source version of the Corran visor as simple as we could, so as to keep it accessible to as many people as possible. The foam part can be cut by many different means. But we couldn’t resist making a few improvements to our own version, using our laser cutter to produce a more engineered headband:

[We have deliberately kept the Corran assembly guide focused on the simpler version for maximum accessibility, but for those who do have access to a laser cutter, we are more than happy to share this design as well, including cutting pattern dxfs – contact You will need a reasonably powerful machine to get through 25/30mm foam.]

Around the world

We’ve been delighted to hear stories from all over the place of others taking our design and using it, producing visors for their own local health services – exactly what we wanted when we made it open source. Some that we’ve heard of so far:

  • Midton Acrylics in Lochgilphead were one of the first off the mark – we have since heard from them that they have delivered over 5,000 across Argyll and Bute, which is a fantastic effort. They are also looking at a 3d-printed design which is less labour-intensive to produce.

Corran visor mk2 coming soon

Over the last few weeks we have been working hard to produce an updated version of the visor which is less labour-intensive to produce, more comfortable to wear (according to our local prototype testers), and, most importantly, should be possible to clean and reuse. Watch this space!

For more info on how to make the Corran mk1 visor, with Drawings and Assembly Guide, go to