Hi, Juliette again. I am 4c engineering’s summer placement student for 2019 and the end is drawing nearer. It is the final week of my placement and it seems to have gone so fast. In such a short time I feel I have improved so much in both my engineering ability and in my professional knowledge.

The broad range of different projects and activities I have had a chance to get stuck into has been amazing, and the experience of real-world engineering doesn’t compare to anything I have done before. I was surprised at how much independence the team gave me especially when doing solo client meetings and setting up contacts for future project work, it was daunting at first but very satisfying once completed. Enhancing my professional work skills was perhaps one of the most beneficial impacts on me for my future career.

The hands-on engineering has been fantastic too. Part of my main innovation project got to the prototyping stage for testing types of joint systems and I was responsible for the design right through to programming the CNC profiler and assembling the prototypes myself. From the mistakes I made I learnt lots, but the successful end results of my designs really brought my academic knowledge into the real world. Some of the key aspects such as material expansion and inconsistencies along with tolerances and sizing will be fed back into every type of engineering I do.

The Scotgrad scheme was a great way for me to hear about the placement and the training residential I attended as part of my summer at 4c was really interesting and developed my business soft skills immensely. I also got to meet lots of other placement students from all over the Highlands doing such a broad range of work from marketing to biology.

I am looking forward to returning to university for my last two years and I know that everything I have learned will help me with my courses and projects to come.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work at 4c with the team and look forward to seeing how all their projects develop in the future.

Thanks guys!

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