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First one good, second one even better

The first Corran was a swift answer to an urgent need. The second focused on material sourcing and on improving the wearer’s experience, which can be summed up in four words: less waste, more comfort.

Corran II face shield in use
Corran II face shield

Innovation enabling neat features

With the breathing space offered by the roll out of the Corran I, and incorporating feedback from end-users, the team designed a second version with various neat features we were rather proud of:

  • three components, optimised for automated production;
  • modular design with no adhesives or tapes required;
  • ultra-light, adjustable design, with better airflow, no foam or elastic, and integrated face mask loops;
  • all parts cleanable and reusable.

In a great example of circular economy, the visor screens are punched out from roll-end material that would otherwise be going into the waste stream at another Highland business.

CE marking

An early version of this new visor was demonstrated to some ICU members, giving positive feedback which gave the team confidence to put the design through CE marking. This is a rigorous process where an external body (in this case, SATRA Technology) puts the visor through a range of tests on the protection provided (involving a laser being shone at various angles through the visor mounted on a standardised ‘test head’ – one of the odder objects made on our prototyping equipment!), and also examines the accompanying technical file. A CE mark was awarded, allowing the product to be sold on the open market.