Move4ward (David Powney and Jude Simms) run a neuro-physio rehabilitation centre in Elgin, and through this they identified an innovation opportunity to develop a novel system – the MYGO.

The MYGO is a soft garment exoskeleton, with built in printed conductive electrodes. It creates and boosts electrical signals to different nerves and muscles sequentially throughout the body, helping patients stand, walk, and move functionally, where previously they were unable, or only with difficulty.

4c Engineering supported Move4ward to work through the system development, and creating the working prototypes of the control unit which sits at the centre of the MYGO system. This has involved a crossover of mechanical, electrical, control/electronics, physics, biology, graphical user interface development and rapid manufacture prototyping of the physical components to produce a workable, yet controllable and safe, proof-of-concept system.

Mygo4ward prototype unit
Mygo4ward Ali standing

Initial trials have shown the promise of the device, particularly for one individual, Ali Johnston, who was already being supported by Move4ward in their original physio/rehabilitation day job – you can see and hear more about Ali’s own perspective in these clips from STV and BBC Radio Scotland.

For us here at 4c Engineering this has been an immensely rewarding project – we are used to working on technology such as renewable device development which has the can have regional, national and even global impact, but this has the potential to be completely life-changing for individuals around the world with spinal cord Injuries & neurological disabilities, and we’ve been able to see that personally with Ali’s own experience.

The technical challenges involved also made this a fascinating project to work on, working from the ground up (from academic papers and component datasheets) and building up the circuitry and programming logic from scratch, in order to provide the correct series of electrical pulses to the multi-channel electrode system.

The grounded professional credibility of Move4ward as experienced movement experts and physiotherapists, combined with their vision and determination and the clear potential of the technology, has seen them succeed in various innovation funding competitions, including Scottish EDGE and Unlocking Ambition, which has allowed them to develop the system thus far. In order to get the MYGO finalised, certified and ready for mass manufacture, they need to raise significant levels of capital. An investment round is due later in 2022; in the meantime, you can support them via their interim crowdfunder and keep up with their news at

We look forward to seeing the next stages of development as they unfold.

Mygo4ward blog photo v2