Tank Testing at FloWave

We’ve had an intense couple of weeks testing a scale model of a wave energy converter (WEC) at the FloWave test facility in Edinburgh. Throughout this testing we’ve been recording data to show how efficiently the Sea Power Platform can convert energy in the waves to mechanical energy to be used in the generation of electricity. This work is being carried out as part of our Novel Wave Energy Converter project, awarded by Wave Energy Scotland, with 4c Engineering leading the technology development work in partnership with Sea Power.

Capturing Data

Each test logs the motion of the device, the profile of the waves, forces, torques, positions and pressures. Using MATLAB, we analyse the data immediately after each test run to check we’ve successfully measured everything that we need. Often we can only decide which run to carry out next once we have the processed data so it’s vital to have a quick, reliable process in place.

The Test Facility

FloWave is an amazing test facility, it specialises in recreating in miniature, real sea conditions with the ability to generate waves from any angle as well as currents strong enough to test tidal turbines. They’ve been great hosts and as our testing draws to a close we’ve got plenty of work ahead analysing all the data we’ve logged and using it to guide future development of the WEC.

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